Albino Burmese Pythons are currently available in the Den.

They were released on November 9, 2011 along with the Thylo Silvfoxes.


Egg: This egg has lightly colored scales.

hatchling: Aww... it's a snake hatchling! It likes to slither around and play in trees.

Adult: The Albino Burmese Python is a light-colored snake with many yellowish blotches down its back that can reach lengths of up to 12 feet. It is nocturnal and feels at home in trees as well as on the ground. Older snakes tend to stick to the ground near the water. It is a powerful carnivore, catching decent sized birds and mammals with its sharp teeth and wrapping its muscular body around its prey before swallowing it whole.


Egg Baby Adult
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Older sprites

Egg Baby Adult
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Detail ArtEdit


Entire Set - GoldenShadowFire/Flare
Egg Sprite - SilverKitsune