Autumn Silvfoxes are currently available in the seasonal Den during the fall.
Pumpkin female

During the other seasons, a different seasonal silvfox is available and the autumn Silvfox, when bred, will always give an egg of the current season.

They were released on September 22, 2011.


Egg: This egg resembles fallen leaves and smells vaguely of pumpkin.

Foxling: Aww...look! It's a fox kit! This kit seems to love rolling around in the fallen leaves, and it's pelt blends in perfectly with the autumn forest.

Adult: Autumn Silvfoxes are a very social breed that get along well with nearly everyone they meet. They are somewhat nomadic, following the season of autumn as if comes and goes through different regions, and when winter comes, the Autumn Silvfoxes leave. However, when autumn returns to the land, so do these Silvfoxes. They spend most of their time playing in piles of fallen leaves and admiring the colors of the trees during the fall season. The Autumn Silvfox is an herbivore, preferring to eat fruits, and has a particular fondness for pumpkin.


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female Pumpkin 1 Autumn female Autumn femalea
Male Autumn male Autumn male b
Originals Egg1

Egg Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Dead
Pumpkin 1 46ef2f92565b66f15651a6117fb5c491 E7a7aa107aedbf7964c1e8ccbd2e4b1c 0526ca2be07fabedf217101a87ced32a Autumn begg

Detail ArtEdit


hatchlings/adults - Hatchiko
egg detail - Hawaiianbabidoll
egg sprite - superdude44, Hawaiianbabidoll
kit/adult detail - kristhasirah