The Birthstone Silvfoxes are a set of twelve different breeds of Silvfoxes. Each one is in accordance to its month's birthstone. During each month of 2013, the proper Birthstone Silvfox will be released. After the month is over, that Birthstone is discontinued and the next Birthstone would be released.

You are able to breed Birthstone Silvfoxes outside of their respective month.

They all share adult descriptions and kit descriptions. The egg description changes slightly depending on the Birthstone.

The first Silvfox to be released in this set was the Garnet Silvfox, released in January of 2013.

Colours: Various

Monthly BirthstonesEdit

January-- Garnet Silvfox

February-- Amethyst Silvfox

March-- Aquamarine Silvfox

April-- Diamond Silvfox

May-- Emerald Silvfox

June-- Pearl Silvfox

July-- Ruby Silvfox

August-- Peridot Silvfox

September-- Sapphire Silvfox

October-- Opal Silvfox

November-- Citrine Silvfox

December-- Topaz Silvfox


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