The Emerald Silvfox was released on May 21st.


Egg: "This egg shimmers like emeralds."

Foxling: "Aww, it's a cute fox kit. Its pelt is the color of an emerald gem and it's extremely fluffy."

Adult: "Birthstone Silvfoxes can vary depending on the time of the year, such as changing in pelt design, color, and much more. Each breed is distinctive in behavior, and many discovered dens have been filled with the beautiful gems that each one associates itself with. Because of these discoveries, humans have decided to adopt each of these special stones as birthstones. They have very vivid and beautiful pelts that they show off to Birthstone Silvfoxes of other breeds, which actually sometimes leads to fights and overall frustration. Each different kind is full of pride."


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female 4a27cc07687f06ae0f3e2b438f226d2d 796da8ee914c891bdd4cae056a002069 B83d12927e9540e59357cff635c19a9a
Male 4a27cc07687f06ae0f3e2b438f226d2d Bcfc8b9ee025d07c10b52ebd2af07166 97cdb2cf66846a068d103dfafc5a8da7

Egg Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
4a27cc07687f06ae0f3e2b438f226d2d B8bf0bc828f68772e48b7b67ad6f5093 4fd7ed2ae5e6c1f8ee6e8edc5b7c5072 8f36e3f5c00a7c5fc3e5195e6b378321


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