Gold Silvfoxes are currently available in the shop for 3000 Silva Dollars.

They were released on June 13, 2011 along with the Inferno Silvfox.

The Inferno silvfox, along with the Inferno Silvfox, was the first to have two different sprites for the adult stage. Gold Silvfoxes originally shared an egg sprite with the Silver Silvfox and were originally available in the den before becoming a shop exclusive originally priced at 1000 Silva Dollars.


Egg: This glistening egg looks like it's made of gold.

Foxling:'s a fox kit! It has beautiful shiny fur and its pelt is highly reflective.

Adult: Gold Silvfoxes make their nests in tropical regions, but have become incredibly rare in the wild. Their shiny pelts make them easy targets for predators and they are often targeted by poachers for their beautiful metallic pelts. Their numbers have dwindled considerably and hunting them is now a punishable offense. Breeders have taken it upon themselves to try to bring their population up, and it has become forbidden to take a Gold Silvfox from the wild.
Gold Silvfoxes are herbivores and prefer fruits and berries over anything else. Their brilliant pelts make it impossible to walk around unnoticed, and they are quite popular around other creatures. This sociable species enjoys the company of all types of creatures.


Series Egg Baby Adult
Current Female 1430794-F2S6311 B7b7249d97646b0697ebff8e4aa7c8c3 7884f68c7561b2f88689646240171122
Current Male 1430794-F2S6311 0c17b8be4b9be1f7d3e6888df826f292 6f6265052e9d55b12af0038fbe688244
Older Female Gold egg Goldemkleinalt Goldenskaliert2
Older Male Gold egg Goldemklein Goldenalt3skala

Original Female

E8d2a1d02c19e1bb5ba957d8cea4b334 Ff9dce66596969ca8560471d4974903e A0b4ef2637091515c8edea4df2418520

Original Male

E8d2a1d02c19e1bb5ba957d8cea4b334 Ff9dce66596969ca8560471d4974903e 40dd4e9201fadca09801ad80947d7495

Egg Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
1430794-F2S6311 479d484baf8e73bf838cff94846a5cd3 65493eccf47fdf58d93044bc5db09f55 2efe97d630ce6b1f51d121aa958ea406

Detail ArtEdit


Current Set: birdzareboomin (all)

Concept: Roconza
Egg sprite/detail art - Hawaiianbabidoll
Current hatchlings/adults- Isura
Original Set - Hatchiko