Hellfire Golems are available in the SilvAshop for 750 Silva Dollars.

They are one of three types of golems, the other two being the Sapphire Golem and Brass Golem.


Egg: "This egg looks like it is made out of glowing stones."

Foxling: "Aww...look! It's a cute baby kit. This kit appears to be made of the same stones as it's egg. At night it casts a soothing glow."

Adult: "Silvfoxes make their nests in ancient misty forests. Like most species who call the ancient forest home, Silvfoxes all lay eggs of varying patterns. Many species exist within the woods, some types holding extraordinary powers over the elements, some born with wings, and some who seem relatively normal. The variety is so great, new species of Silvfox are discovered all the time. They share their homes with other unusual species drawn to the ancient woods by its magical essence, but the Silvfoxes are the most knowledgeable of their home. After all, they have lived there since the birth of time."


Series Egg Baby Adult
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Detail ArtEdit


Entire Set - Isura
Egg sprite - Superdude22, Hawaiianbabidoll
egg Detail Art - Hawaiianbabidoll