Lucky silvfoxes were originally available in the den.

They were released on March 17, 2013. They are no longer obtainable apart from breeding during Saint Patrick's Day or trading. They were a special adoptable released for Saint Patrick's Day.


Egg: "This egg is gold and green."

Foxling: "Aww... look! It's a fox kit! It seems to like collecting small clovers."

Adult: "Lucky silvfoxes are only found during a certain time of year. They are found most often romping in clover fields and are considered to be good luck. They tend to gather bunches of clovers to take back to their own dens. Since they find four-leaf clovers so fascinating, they end up taking any that they can see, making them hard to find for anyone else."


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female Ec0e46377c3d5fa94fd9a290636a152e Baf003b6d329ad69b387f945621c68b3 D18cc1ac4d89b2d48a595226e77688a3
Male Ec0e46377c3d5fa94fd9a290636a152e De57f2203f48fa8cbd5de4f252f01d23 E99427c0fb498c89f3c0205e6833b018

Egg Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Ec0e46377c3d5fa94fd9a290636a152e 33b7c7885eaaece0bb399f4c798aabd9 B35d6c12804c770051fe7c76f765a073 07d611881a76aed25dbcb142ce35ffd7


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