Ravens are currently available in the Den.
They were amongst the first non-silvfox adoptables available.


Egg: This egg has speckles on it.

Hatchling: Aww look! It's a baby bird! It likes to scavenge and often brings random items home.

Adult: Ravens are very intelligent birds that can adapt to live in many different types of environments. They are omivorous scavengers that will eat anything edible that they come across. Their large beaks help them break open nuts, berries, and even tear into flesh. Ravens also tend to bring shiny trinkets to their nest, often hording these items to impress others of its kind. They have been known to steal from other creatures in the forest, and this large, brave bird doesn't care who or what its victim is.


Series Egg Baby Adult
Current C6741a868825f5e96db4117ea6be60fe Th 62Hatchclear Th 16Adultclear
Original C6741a868825f5e96db4117ea6be60fe 8fe488469439f0773a1c371398e9b24d Iaza11126284334900

Detail ArtEdit


Current Set - GoldenShadowFire/Flare
Original Set - SilverDragonTears, albinosilver
Adult Detail Art - kristhasirah