Red Marauder Silvfoxes were in the SilvAshop for 650 Silva Dollars.

Red Marauder Silvfoxes were previously known as Marauder Silvfoxes (Red). It was released on August 16, 2011 in the Silvashop, originally priced at 500 silva dollars. The price was then lowered to 400 before changing to its current price. It is the second of three variaties of Marauder fox released, the first being the common and the third being green.

Like all the adoptables with beta sprites, they were removed on 11/23/2011 until new sprites could be created. They were re-introduced february 19, 2012.


Egg: "This egg is concealed in the shadows.

Foxling: "'s a fox kit! It keeps trying to sneak up on others and likes to pounce on unsuspecting victims."

Adult: "Red Marauder Silvfoxes are a genetic variant of the more common blue furred Marauder Silvfox. Their unusual red fur makes them a prime target for hunters and they have become nearly extinct in the wild. Unlike their dark furred cousins, the Red Marauder Silvfox must work hard to remain hidden as their red fur is not nearly as stealthy in their forest homes. To make up for their hindered stealth, they have learned how to hunt and have developed a taste for fresh kill. They love to practice hunting and kits often play fight with each other. When domesticated they prove to have a fascination with shiny objects, just as the Common Marauders do, and love playing with metallic furred creatures."


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female 80191b9aa1a8b093d8ac8a1a62d415e4 15Shading2 26Done3
Male 80191b9aa1a8b093d8ac8a1a62d415e4 7Done2 36Done3
Original Ca9353214d6b5890aa685741036e4c00 518404f45fdd4d0905761c971a3631245 Abe1d12fa4f9ace855c2f4ae554db0d2

Detail ArtEdit


Current Set - GoldenShadowFire (Flare)

Original Set - Switch