Snowy Owls are currently available in the SilvAshop for 500 Silva Dollars.

They were released on August 16, 2011.

Snowy Owls were the first non-fox adoptable released on the site.


Egg: This egg is a soft white color.

Hatchling:'s an owl chick! It's got a fluffy layer of down feathers and a strong black beak.

Adult: Snowy owls live in the colder regions of the Silvfox land, and although these nomadic birds aren't native, they have thrived in this mystical region. Snowy Owls have beautiful white plumage that let them hide easily as they fly across the white terrain. Females tend to have more dark markings on their bodies then the males to help them camouflage better when they are nesting. These fierce aerial predators can swoop down and grab unsuspecting prey with their graceful flying skills and smaller breeds of silvfoxes have learned to keep their kits hidden well when a Snowy Owl is in the area.


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female Owl egg Hatchling 2 Snowy owl female final
Male Owl egg Hatchling 1 Snowy owl male final
Original 0c23f52f0b5e903c298e07afa031ec57 D08df3426e32bf47cc60214746a2fc2b 1a9463b52de5d5cc6ac225c05d69877e

Detail ArtEdit


Original Set - elfhome
Current Set and Detail Art - Hawaiianbabidoll