Thylo Silvfoxes are currently available in the Den.

They were released on November 9, 2011 along with the Albino Burmese Python and were the first species to have a SilvAbility.

Thylo Silvfoxes have the silvability to influence the gender of an egg, thus making the egg hatch into the gender of the silvfox that influenced it.


Egg: This egg is partially striped.

Foxling: Aww it's a fox kit! It appears to have a pouch on its lower abdomen.

Adult: Thylo Silvfoxes live in small packs within the misty woods. They are unique amongst silvfoxes for their unusual ability to control the gender within a population. After an egg is laid within the pack, one of the parents will carry it within its abdominal pouch depending on which gender is currently lacking within the pack. As the egg sits inside the pouch, its genes are influenced by the parent fox's hormones, causing the hatchling to be male if carried by the father, or female if carried by the mother.

After domesticating the thylo silvfox, it was discovered that any species of egg carried within the pouch of a thylo will be affected by the carrier's hormones. For this reason, thylo silvfoxes are highly sought after by breeders.


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female Egg 1 Hatch fem Thylos fem2
Male Egg 1 Hatch male Thylos male

Egg Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Egg 1 - 3c3015cbb4e6c34f95fe5197d9c3f5a3 2b35ec297093b82b4c13f9b06adaab37

Detail ArtEdit


Set and Detail Art - Hawaiianbabidoll