Twilight Silvfoxes are currently available in the Twilight Den.

They were released on December 5, 2011 and can only be found during the twilight hours. They were a secret release, with no notification on the forum stating where nor how to obtain them.

Twilight Silvfoxes have the SilvAbility to bite an egg, thus making the egg hatch into the a twilight silvfox. It is the only way for twilight silvfoxes to sucessfully reproduce.

Twilight silvfoxes are the first to have a sprite that changes depending on the time. During certain hours of the day, the sprite changes in color and appears to sparkle. Note that both sprites are included below.


Egg: This egg sparkles in the half light.

Foxling: Aww, it's a fox kit! Its pelt is rather dull, but when the sun rises and sets, its fur seems to sparkle.

Adult: Twilight silvfoxes are notorious for their seductive beauty during the time of twilight. Though bland in appearance for most of the day, come twilight their pelts absorb the stray sun beams, causing their fur to glow and sparkle. This dazzling change is eye catching to other animals, and both prey and predators alike will often stop and stare at the shining fox. Twilight silvfoxes lock eyes with their prey and saunter over to them, flicking their brilliant tails before biting down on the awe struck victim with their long fangs. They bite deep enough to pierce bone before drinking the bone marrow inside.


Series Egg Baby Baby at Twilight Adult Adult at Twilight
Female 0e9ae102d1046150bd24d4882359b0de 18c02e79bade4aa58dcac4bbd8cd338c TwilightFemaleKitT2 A1506e9dec26f0732007eb4ed1343135 TwilightsilvfoxFemaleT-1
Male 0e9ae102d1046150bd24d4882359b0de A9a0ba0a91ca324f2343994621271072 TwilightKitmaleT E348fd0b45dc9e20b6d9f83d6d69136e TwilightsilvfoxMaleT-3

Egg Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Dead
0e9ae102d1046150bd24d4882359b0de 1bd68505fa2cf742b11591476cc454e2 E6b379cd830129176631249eeb8c7958 - Twilight begg

Detail ArtEdit


Set and Detail Art - kristhasirah