Wreath Deer were available in the Den for one week during December of 2011.

They were released for Christmas on December 24, 2011 and could be picked up until Junauary 1, 2012. They are the first adopt on the site to have alternate forms, as well as two stages to their childhood growth.


Egg: This egg has a pretty ribbon around it.

Hatchling: Aww look! A fawn! It likes to gather branches and berries.

Mature Hatchling: Aww look! A fawn! It likes to gather branches and berries for decoration. Now that it's older, it keeps trying to fashion the branches into a decoration.

Adult: Wreath Deer spend most of their childhood learning how to bend and fasten together the branches of trees to create decorative wreaths. Adults will use these wreaths to gain a mate, with the larger and more intricate designs often impressing the females. Males will strut with their wreath until a female approaches and the two will swap wreaths as a sign of their bond. The spare wreaths created and discarded by this species are often picked up and used as holiday decorations since their mating season coincides perfectly with the holiday season.
Wreath deer only come to the misty woods every couple of years, migrating to follow suitable decorations and evergreens for their wreath making. On the chance a few wreath deer do choose to stay, the offspring of these deer who have stayed in the misty woods for longer periods of time are said to have unique and beautiful pelts.


Series Egg Baby Young Adult
Female 7b7dd69debca9e3ca9c66b45834240eb E9074814d8069f4534e6a7695a898ed6 Ec581e7b7fae9d2145689408dc16406a 057c9b70c6ad6ae8b89c329f3b0834dd
Alt Female 7b7dd69debca9e3ca9c66b45834240eb Ee6b60167590f26c07b87cc6ced242a1 24480.gif F922d27cef55681fa9cb89ccc8b79844
Male 7b7dd69debca9e3ca9c66b45834240eb 52ab1ffa3cf75eae2077f3de6dd2766a A4ab7cc0ee6b50a8269644eb86c8f77e 10b305ee7b58381feba751de94709309
Alt Male 7b7dd69debca9e3ca9c66b45834240eb 588b39c51528ebc98ec85fd4ac59fccd B8a79b85a9e2e3b31c8d352ac7c77114 442b2e06e1c14859b132e70630ffa842

Egg Sequence

The Wreath Deer has a unique hatching sequence in which the ribbon is untied.

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
7b7dd69debca9e3ca9c66b45834240eb 3296209e4226082fbe1444cc85bf02d7 A50b9797e2f37d1111a623e6b230cb26



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