Yin and Yang are currently available by donating real money to the site.

Every $10 earns you one Yin and Yang exclusive silvfox.

This silvadopt is NOT BREEDABLE and it is the first silvfox to be two genders, being two foxes, one of each gender.


Egg: This egg is black with white spots

Foxling: Aww....look! It's not one, but two fox kits! They seem to enjoy being together and are rarely ever separate.

Adult: Sometimes, when the forces of Yin and Yang meet and mingle with the magic of the misty woods, two lives are born within a single egg. Like Yin and Yang, these twin foxes cannot exist without each other. This pair of siblings, always one boy and one girl, share a special bond that allows the two to always be aware of the other's thoughts and feelings. Thus, if one dies, the other knows immediately and loses the will to live without it's second half.


Series Egg Baby Adult

Both Male

and female

YingYang0Stage YinYang4Stage YingYang5Stage

Egg Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
YingYang0Stage 4af3cd2e119420c3e2849a3cf9651431 - -

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Set - Kristhasirah