Zombie Silvfoxes were originally available in the Den .

They were released on October 28, 2011 at midnight and were available until Oct 31 11:59 PM EST.

They are a special adoptable released for Halloween of 2011 and are no longer obtainable apart from breeding during halloween or trade.


Egg: This egg smells rotten.

Foxling: Look! It's a fox kit! It seems to have chunks of its flesh missing, but doesn't seem to feel any pain from it.

Adult: The Zombie Silvfox is actually the reanimated corpse of a silvfox that died close to the heart of the misty woods. The magical essence of the silvfox mixes with the aged magic of the woods and once enough of this essence has been gathered, the magic will seep into the nearest flesh and begin to bring the cells of the dead silvfox back to life. Initially just a chunk of multiplying cells, the flesh 'egg' will develop into a new silvfox that lives solely on magic, however the cells that form its new body die quickly resulting in the species missing chunks of flesh and skin from their bodies. In order to maintain its cellular regeneration, Zombie Silvfoxes will attack and drain the magic from other silvfoxes to replenish their own supply.


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female Zombieei Zombieneuklein 14119nt
Male Zombieei Zombieneuklein2


The Zombie Silvfox has a unique hatching sequence in which slime oozes from the egg.

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Zombieei 138d9d6ce1e1ee5a9901f0f2094b814d D56673b9e611c7a70feddd9f3d8be012 577350e615415f20be5651a559d77480

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set - Isura